José de Mello Saúde launches CUF Descobertas Hospital
> 10/10/2000

Through José de Mello Saúde, the holding company for the health-care area, the José de Mello Group is developing a project for a new hospital, the CUF Descobertas Hospital, which is expected to open during the second quarter of 2001.

The CUF Descobertas Hospital will be located at Lisbon’s Parque das Nações and will be especially designed to serve a vast number of people with health-care needs through agreements entered into with insurers, sub-systems and the National Health Service (SNS),

“The CUF Descobertas Hospital is yet another major investment by the José de Mello Group in the provision of health-care services, up to the very highest quality, efficiency and organisational standards”, declared José Luís Almeida Fernandes.

The chairman of the board of directors of José de Mello Saúde added that, “The new José de Mello Group hospital is also committed to keeping up with the fast advance of medicine seen over the past decade”.

Investment of €32.9 million

Th CUF Descobertas Hospital project began in 1998 and construction is now at a very advanced stage. José de Mello Saúde has invested about €32.9 million, the biggest private investment ever made in the health area in Portugal.

To meet the very highest quality, efficiency and organisational standards in the provision of health care, the plans call for a building with a total construction area of 31,824 square metres on eleven floors and a total of around 200 parking places.

The CUF Descobertas Hospital will have about 160 beds up to a very high standard: 132 beds in 128 rooms for general medicine and surgery patients, 19 gynaecology /obstetrics /paediatrics beds and a Neonatal Care Unit, and 9 beds in the Multipurpose Intensive Care Unit. It will also have three operating blocks (central, outpatients and delivery), with a total on 9 operating theatres. There will be 42 rooms for out-patient attendance, a permanent general and paediatric attendance service (emergencies), physical and rehabilitation medicine, imaging (x-rays, ultrasound, CAT scans and MNR), a clinical pathology laboratory, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

This investment of particular importance to Lisbon in particular and Portugal in general mans that the José de Mello Group has increased its long-term commitment to the provision of health care in keeping with the very highest know-how and service standards, in a constant search for quality and excellence, a commitment over a period of more than 50 years to which units such as the CUF Hospital, the management of the Amadora-Sintra Hospital and the Santa Maria de Belém Clinic bear witness.

Major focus on technology

To keep in step with the technological innovation seen in medicine in recent years, the CUF Descobertas Hospital will be provided with the most modern health-care technology, of which the following equipment constitutes an example:
• CAT – Helicoidal Computerised Axial Tomography, with 3-D reconstruction and virtual endoscopy software;
• MR – 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance;
• Nuclear Medicine – Gama Camera, linked to the hospital image network;
• Radiotherapy and Brachytherapy – High-power linear accelerator with digital control and treatment simulator;
• Ultrasound with 3-D reconstruction;
• Mammography with image scanning facilities;
• Filmless imaging service. with image scanning equipment for conventional x-ray;
• Computerised image transmission network, linking the direct digital image production equipment, the x-ray and the ultrasound.

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