José de Mello and Arcus launch takeover offer for Brisa

Mar 29, 2012

José de Mello and Arcus, who together hold 53.7% of the voting rights in Brisa, today announced a takeover offer for the whole of the company´s equity capital at a price of €2.66 per share, providing a premium of 8.64% over the average weighted quotation of the past six months and of 13.38% over the current share price.

Led by José de Mello, this offer is based on a common, long-term vision of the company and industry, and it aims to strengthen Brisa´s shareholder structure, calling for an investment of €700 million.

José de Mello and Arcus consider that the challenges arising from the current economic environment require that Brisa will continue to develop, from a long-term perspective, an ambitious policy of sustained value creation.