The José de Mello Group is committed to developing a corporate action directed at the Sustainability of its business in the economic, environmental and social areas.

This commitment to sustainable development applies across all the Group’s companies.

See here the document containing information on the economic, social and environmental performance of the José de Mello Group in 2021.

Voluntary Service Scheme

Set up in 2011, with the support of the Amélia de Mello Foundation, the Voluntary service scheme is based on a clear commitment to a socially responsible company, following on in the tradition of the former CUF group.

Under this Scheme over four hundred employees and Members of the José de Mello family place their skills at the service of a common cause thereby positively contributing to the local community, besides donations, sponsorships and patronage programmes.

Visit José de Mello Voluntary Service Scheme website.

Fundação Amélia de Mello

The Amélia de Mello Foundation (FAM) was set up in October 1964 at the behest of D. Manuel de Mello, in homage to his wife, daughter of Alfredo da Silva, with the chief objective of continuing the social work of the CUF group.

The FAM has strong connections to the companies managed by the heirs of its founder, namely the José de Mello group and the Group Nutrinveste Sovena, but it is independently managed and governed.

FAM’s operations consist mainly in awarding scholarships and supporting clinical, medical and human science research.

In partnership with the José de Mello group, the FAM has an annual scholarships scheme for Bachelor and Masters degrees intended for the employees’ children, besides supporting the Voluntary Service Scheme, scholarships and awards for clinical research, innovation and charities.

Visit Amélia de Mello Foundation website.