Aggregated Indicators


The José de Mello Group employs about 10 719 employees.

José de Mello Saúde is the invested company with the largest number of employees, amounting to 6.615, followed by Brisa with 2.940. The remaining 1.164 are distributed among Bondalti, the José de Mello holding and the remaining business units of the Group.

The average age of the employees is of 46 years old at Brisa and Bondalti and at José de Mello Saúde it is 38 years old.

As for academic qualifications, 37% of the employees in the business units hold a licentiate, a master’s or doctorate degree, 37% completed complementary education and 26% completed basic education.

José de Mello Saúde is the business platform with the most qualified employees, as 51% of them hold a licentiate, a master’s or doctorate degree and the remaining 49% completed basic and complementary education.

At Brisa, most employees completed complementary education (54%), with fewer employees with basic education (31%) and undergraduate, master’s or doctorate (15%)

At Bondalti, the number of employees that completed complementary education and a basic education are similar (28%) and 44% hold a licentiate, a master’s or a doctorate degree.

Indicators as at the end of the fiscal year of 2019