The José de Mello Group is one of Portugal’s major economic groups, leader of vital areas of the domestic economy.

Group Values

Our culture and the values that lie at its roots constitute the code of conduct that governs the management of our businesses, a code that we regard and honour.

Within the José de Mello Group SKILL, INNOVATION and HUMAN DEVELOPMENT represent, both in businesses that have already been consolidated and in future projects, demands that we impose on our conduct and conditions essential to our success.


José de Mello Group employees are expected to act with determination and rigour, implementing solutions and taking decisions with knowledge and coherence. Quality, deadlines and value are unquestionable premisses.


José de Mello Group employees are expected to show an open mind and the ability to manage alternatives and new solutions, avoiding routine, while showing an openness to dialogue and acceptance at all times of change and difference.

Human Development

José de Mello Group employees, people who know how to grow in step with the organisation, are pleased to believe in those that surround them, to focus on the individual’s contribution to collective results and to turn everyday routines into a constant challenge of exchanges of experiences.
We believe that investing time and energy in dialogue, in teaching and in learning, and knowing how to listen and to communicate, while never failing in commitments and in complying with the established rules, constitute the best guarantee of our collective future.


Skill, Innovation and Human Development are requirements of our conduct and essential conditions to achieve success.



Aggregated Indicators


The José de Mello Group employs about 12 600 employees.

José de Mello Saúde is the invested company with the largest number of employees, amounting to 8.918, followed by Brisa with 2.579. The remaining 1.103 are distributed among Bondalti, the José de Mello holding and the remaining business units of the Group.

The average age of the employees is of 46 years old at Brisa, whereas at Bondalti it is 47 years old and at José de Mello Saúde it is 42 years old.

As for academic qualifications, 48% of the employees in the business units hold a licentiate, a master’s or doctorate degree, 32% completed complementary education and 20% completed basic education.

José de Mello Saúde is the business platform with the most qualified employees, as 56.5% of them hold a licentiate, a master’s or doctorate degree (25.5% completed complementary education and 18% completed basic education).

At Brisa, most of the employees have completed complementary education (53.6%), the ones having completed basic education and holding a licentiate, a master’s or doctorate being fewer in number (26.9% and 19.5%, respectively).

At Bondalti, the employees that completed complementary education are also greater in number (42.8%), followed by the employees with basic education (31.5%) and with a licentiate, a master’s or a doctorate degree (25.7%)

Indicators as at the end of the fiscal year of 2018



If these values ​​motivate you or if you believe you can contribute to the creation of value and to the success of the Group, visit the websites of the subsidiaries of the José de Mello Group.