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The José de Mello Group awards the best startups of the Grow ecosystem


The José de Mello Group promoted yesterday the award ceremony of the Grow Innovation Award, seeking to acknowledge the best startups that developed pilots for subsidiary companies of the Group within the scope of Grow.

Following the presentation of a pitch by each of the seven finalist startups, the jury decided to award the first place to Stratio and the second place to HealthySystems, who received prizes in the amounts of 15 thousand and six thousand euro, respectively.

The decision of the jury was based, on one hand, on the intrinsic potential of each startup and, on the other hand, on the results of the developed pilots.

The Grow Innovation Award is an annual initiative supported by the Fundação Amélia de Mello, which in this way continues to increase its contribution to the enhancement of entrepreneurship.

Launched in February 2017, Grow is a programme crossing all subsidiary companies of the José de Mello Group, which is intended to strengthen the connection to the startup ecosystem, supporting and accelerating the development of innovative projects.

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