The José de Mello Group is a recently rebuilt economic group that has a stable Portuguese shareholder base. It is one of Portugal’s biggest corporate groups.

With a diversified intervention in the economy, the José de Mello Group assumes a competitive positioning based on a series of stakes in companies operating in different business areas:

Chemical Industry

Bondalti, the current designation of the chemical industry business area, and heiress of the historical CUF brand, is the largest Portuguese operator in the chemical industry sector, with manufacturing plants in Portugal and Spain.

Bondalti website:


CUF, the largest private health care provider in Portugal and an example of clinical excellence and respect of the dignity and wellbeing of the clients, manages a network of healthcare facilities including close to a dozen private clinics.

CUF website:

Infrastructures and Mobility

Brisa is a national and international reference in the management and operation of highways in Portugal, assuming a corporate positioning that links the era of infrastructures to the era of mobility, with the client at the centre of its activity.

Brisa website:

The José de Mello Group manages also a majority stake in José de Mello Residências e Serviços, which develops residential solutions and orthopedic, geriatric and neurological recovery and rehabilitation programs, and a minority interest in Efacec Power Solutions.

José de Mello Residências e Serviços website:
Efacec Power Solutions website:

Beginning in the Industry

Over 100 years’ contribution to developing the Portuguese economy

The Group in figures

€ 1,1 MM


€ 2,4 MM

Total assets under management

More than 7.200