Brisa is an infrastructure and mobility operator with a wide range of services, based on solid experience in the management of highway concessions and in the development and operation of mobility services, under the Via Verde brand.

Founded in 1972, Brisa is today one of the largest toll highway operators in the world and the largest transport infrastructure company in Portugal, with a high level of innovation and technology.

Following the launch of a takeover bid for all of Brisa’s capital in 2012, the José de Mello Group and the Arcus investment fund manager became the company’s two major shareholders, with a stake representing around 98% of voting rights. In 2020, they carried out a joint sale of two shareholder blocks representing a total of 81.1% of Brisa’s voting rights. Following this sale, the José de Mello Group maintained a stake representing around 17% of Brisa’s voting rights.

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