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José de Mello Group distinguishes startup in the health sector

Nov 15, 2023
The José de Mello Group hosted yesterday the 3rd edition of the Grow Innovation Award, distinguishing the startup that stood out more noticeably in the Grow programme, which fosters the connection of the Group’s companies to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. After introducing each of the finalist startups – Actif, MyCareforce, Tucuvi, Spotlite, and Wingdriver –, the […]

José de Mello Group launches WineStone to boost growth in the wine sector

Oct 17, 2023
Investments extend presence to the Douro and Vinho Verde regions The José de Mello Grupo has set up a new business platform, named WineStone, to strengthen its business operations in the wine sector, thus furthering its ambition to grow in different areas of economic activity. The decision stemmed from the rapid growth trend displayed by […]

António Horta Osório to strengthen José de Mello’s Board of Directors

Aug 25, 2022
António Horta Osório will join the Board of Directors of José de Mello, the holding company of the José de Mello Group, taking up his non-executive duties on the 1st of September. António Horta Osório began his professional career at Citibank Portugal in 1987, before moving on to Goldman Sachs. Since 1993, he has gained […]

José de Mello Group distinguishes the best startups from Grow ecosystem

Nov 17, 2021
Yesterday, José de Mello Group promoted the awarding ceremony of Grow Innovation Award, which aims to recognize the two best startups that participated in the Grow program and carried out pilots within the Group’ companies. After the pitch presentation by each of the four finalist startups – Biosurfit, Clynx, Matereo and Vialytics -, the jury […]

Pablo Forero strengthens José de Mello Board

Jun 1, 2021
Pablo Forero was elected to the José de Mello’s Board of Directors, the José de Mello Group´s holding company, at yesterday’s General Meeting. Pablo Forero was the Executive Chairman at Banco BPI, representing shareholder Caixa Bank, until November 2020. From 2009 to 2017, he worked specifically in the areas of asset management and investment consulting, […]

José de Mello Group promotes meetup with 37 European startups

Mar 15, 2021
On the 17th and 18th of March, José de Mello Group will host an event dedicated to the European startup community in the areas of mobility, health and senior care, through a partnership with the European Innovation Council (EIC), European Commission’s structure responsible for the promotion of innovation. The EIC Procurers Day powered by José […]

Change in the executive chairmanship of the José de Mello Group

Jan 11, 2021
In the context of a new cycle of business development, sustained by a solid financial situation, the José de Mello family Shareholders’ Board has decided to appoint Salvador de Mello as executive chairman of José de Mello. Vasco de Mello will remain Chairman of the Board of Directors of José de Mello, now in non-executive […]

José de Mello Group concludes sale of 40% of Brisa

Oct 13, 2020
The José de Mello Group concluded today the sale of a 40% stake of the voting rights in Brisa, following the sale agreement publicly announced on 28 April. The agreement entered into with a consortium of international investors consists of a strategic partnership with the José de Mello Group, which will remain as a reference […]

José de Mello Group and Arcus agree to sell 81.1% in Brisa

Apr 28, 2020
The José de Mello Group and the Arcus European Infrastructure Fund 1 LP managed by Arcus European Investment Manager LLP (Arcus) reached an agreement today with a Consortium of international investors for the joint sale of two blocks of shares representing a total of 81.1% of Brisa’s voting rights, valuing the company equity at more […]

The José de Mello Group awards the best startups of the Grow ecosystem

Nov 30, 2018
The José de Mello Group promoted yesterday the award ceremony of the Grow Innovation Award, seeking to acknowledge the best startups that developed pilots for subsidiary companies of the Group within the scope of Grow. Following the presentation of a pitch by each of the seven finalist startups, the jury decided to award the first […]