CUF Descobertas Hospital attends 35,000 patients during its first year in business

Jun 25, 2002

The CUF Descobertas Hospital, which opened on June 25th 2001 at Lisbon’s Parque das Nações provided health care services to more than 35,000 patients during its first year in operation.

Considered to be the most modern private hospital in Portugal, up to the very highest technical, medical and housekeeping standards, the CUF Descobertas Hospital has seen growing demand for its health care services during its first year in business.

The total number of patients receiving health care at the CUF Descobertas Hospital includes 29,000 consultations, 26,000 emergency treatments and 2,300 operations, showing that the balance of the first year of activity clearly exceeded initial expectations, particularly since a number of services were introduced on a gradual basis, with emphasis on the emergency services which came into operation only on September 17th 2001.

The CUF Descobertas Hospital has a total of 126 single and ten double rooms, five operating theatres and a seven-bed intensive care unit, as well as two isolation rooms. It is fully prepared to meet the health care needs of the whole family and has agreements with the leading insurance companies and health-care sub-systems.

Providing a wide range of services in the medicine, maternal and child health, surgery, out-patient surgery, cancer, outpatients and diagnostic imaging areas, in addition to the emergency services, the CUF Descobertas Hospital is an example of the ongoing, structured commitment by José de Mello Saúde to the long term in the health area in Portugal.